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 News, events and activities "2013"

  • Training programs :

Improving and enhancing the skills of the employees is part of the strategic aims of the research center. A number of courses and training programs was organized and carried out in various fields as follows:


1.Financial and administrative, Jordan.

2.License in the field of International Computer Driving, Tripoli.

3.English language courses, Tripoli.

4.Mechanical properties of the polymers, Marrakesh, Morocco.  

5.Security and safety, Tripoli.

6.General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. ISO 17025, Tripoli.

7.Quality management systems Requirements ISO 9001, Tripoli.

  • Participation in international conferences :

  • Improvement in rheological, mechanical and thermal properties for PP/LLDPE filled with Calcium carbonate using amino-coupling agent, Society of Plastics Engineer, France - 4/7/2013.

  • A new approach of the preparation of graft copolymer by a combination of graft and the borane technique, Advanced Materials World Congress, Turkey - 16-18/9/2013.

  • Effect of additives on crystallization in film matrix of HDPE, Conference in Slifikia, 25/8/2013.

  • The use of degraded LLDPE as a compatibilizer in wood-LLDPE composites, 13th Euro- Japanese Symposium on Composite Materials, Nantes, France - 4-6/ 11/2013.

  •  Specifications and Standards

  •  In collaboration with Libyan National Center for Standardization and Metrology the Center has participated in the preparation of 8 different standards of plastic products.








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